Online Counseling Central Illinois

online counseling Central Illinois

Online Counseling Central Illinois Can Count On

No matter what the weather and no matter what your physical challenges, online counseling provides an outlet. This outlet is for therapy that many individuals simply wouldn’t otherwise have. Many people go through difficult times but don’t know where to seek help. They may be embarrassed about coming into an office and meeting with a therapist face to face. Or, they may be located in a remote area, preventing them from easily getting to an office. Specializing in anger and anxiety management for adults and adolescents, James Gibb Counseling offers online counseling Central Illinois can count on.

Whatever the case, take heart. James Gibb, MA, LCPC, NCC, offers online counseling for his patients. Additionally, he works frequently with those suffering from chronic mental illness, personality disorders, and anxiety and depression disorders. Many of his clients are highly intelligent adults and teens who find it difficult to adjust and adapt to social situations. Plus, Mr. Gibb also works with individuals on the high functioning end of the Autism spectrum. He also works with those who score in the gifted intelligence range.

Why Try Online Counseling?

Online Counseling Central Illinois

Consequently, there are many reasons. Online counseling can:

  • Assure higher levels of anonymity.
  • Allow communication to take place at any time on any platform. This can include video chat to email to messages through an online therapy site.
  • Connect individuals in remote areas to their counselor.
  • Provide busy professionals and families an easier way to connect with their therapist without having to fight traffic, juggle schedules or arrange childcare.
  • Allow the therapist to respond quickly to messages and requests for sessions.
  • Give those with disabilities or other limitations the opportunity to meet virtually with a therapist without having to leave their home.
  • Take place even in inclement weather.

James Gibb has a background in both private practice and a community mental health center. He employs the use of many different therapeutic techniques. Thus, these include client centered, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral and more.

Contact James Gibb Counseling

So, to learn more about online counseling in Central Illinois, please contact James Gibb at 309-716-3874 or email Online counseling is available for Portland Oregon, Salem Oregon, Central Illinois and  nation wide.